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Today, Deano grills Sci-fi and Steampunk novelist, Richard Dee.


Before we start, I need to caution you – You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your credentials if you do not mention when questioned something, which you later rely on in book sales, and anything you do say may be written about you.

Welcome to Deano’s Grill. Tell me your name please.
Richard Dee

Hello, Richard. You create Sci-fi and Steampunk novels. Tell us how you got into that line of writing would you please.
I had ideas in my head, dreams and observations from life moments. I had never had the time to write them down, or so I thought. When I had more time on my hands, it sort of grew, first short stories, then I realised that I could join them up into a novel, Freefall was born and once the creative dam was opened it hasn’t stopped flowing.

You have an impressive catalogue of books. Explain how you squeeze all that writing into your days.
I wake up early (unfortunately), so I start early and try to get 2000 or so words done before breakfast, I can edit and refine it later in the day when I’m a bit more awake. That way I have the day to enjoy myself. But if I don’t write anything one day, that’s not a problem, I’ll do it tomorrow.

And, if you should wake up and find your creative dam is temporarily plugged?
Hmm, tricky, that’s when your imaginary friends shut up. I go for a walk along the cliffs, or change the subject; I’ve usually got a couple of novels on the go at one time; so if one lot won’t play, I can find another gang who might come out.

Tell us more about your imaginary friends.
My characters are just people who happen to live in the future / alternative reality. Their stories are our stories; it’s only the setting that’s different. There are mysteries and quests, with conspiracies thrown in, even a bit of romance.

Explain the process of a new project please.
In all my work so far, I start off with an idea. I never know where it’s going, who is going to be involved or where it will end. I just put my hands over the keyboard and let it go. It’s like watching a film or a T.V. show in my head and typing what happens, with the advantage of pause and rewind. But never fast forward. The ending is a mystery to me until it happens. Occasionally I will type for a while and realise that my characters have said and done things on their own, I tend to let them get on with it and see where they want to go.

Tell us a little about the book you are working on now.
I have the prequel (Myra) to my first novel out in March 2017, after being pestered by readers for explanations of some of the events in Freefall I decided to write the back story. And in doing that, a third novel has become necessary to explain the events in the prequel. I’ve also finished a novel with an accident prone and unintentional female amateur detective called Andorra Pett, a bit of a departure from my usual style although still Sci-fi.

So, you are proactive with your fans, tell us what they can expect from you in the future.
More of the same, reviewers keep suggesting plots, sequels and spin-offs, I’m going as fast as I can but I do have my own ideas as well.

You earlier mentioned observations from life moments had influenced your writing. Tell us about your pre-author working life.
40 year sea-going career, Master Mariner, Thames Pilot, sometime Organic Baker.

Wow! That’s pretty cool. You must have a treasure chest of memories.
Taking a 160m long passenger ship through Tower Bridge backwards, or a 190m long ship through the Thames Barrier were highlights. Cape Horn and the Amazon were experiences I’ll never forget. Producing Sourdough bread that people actually wanted to buy more than once is a pretty good feeling.

Okay, imagine you have a night off from writing – describe the perfect evening.
With my family, just chilling. I’m happiest away from big crowds.

And for a special night out?
The breakwater Bistro in Brixham, I’ve been around the world but sitting on that balcony on a summers evening; looking across Torbay is as perfect a place as any.

And if you were entertaining two special guests at home, living, dead or fictional, who would they be and why?
Isaac Asimov for an idea swapping session and Eileen Ripley for tactics, I hope they would get on.

Finally, You can charter a jet to any destination in the world, where would you go?
Australia to see my youngest daughter, I don’t see her enough.

Richard, thank you for taking the time to speak to us and good luck for the future. Tell us where we can find your books and how fans can find out more about you.
At my website   www.richarddeescifi.co.uk Or on my Facebook page.   @RichardDeeAuthor. Or at my Amazon Author page https://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B00CN4TTCG

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