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In today’s grill, Deano speaks with YA author, K.Y. Eden.k-y-eden


Right, before we start, I need to caution you – You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your credentials if you do not mention when questioned something, which you later rely on in book sales, and anything you do say may be written about you.

Welcome to Deano’s Grill. Tell me your name please.
K.Y. Eden

Now come on, don’t be coy. You had better tell us more about this K.Y. pseudonym.
Funnily enough K.Y are really my initials and Eden is my birth/maiden name. K stands for Kristina and versions of like:Krissy or Kris.

Okay… K, Krissy, Kris – describe your work for us.
I write for middle grade and young adults… That’s between ten to twenty year old (I’m a big fan of tweenie and teens because I never matured beyond that age myself!). Having said that most of the readers that have made contact with me have been mid twenties plus, so I suppose, if you’re young at heart you will like my stories. I am currently working on Volume Three of The Redcroft Journals -a time travel adventure, supernatural series.                             

Supernatural eh? I’m partial to a bit of that. Give us a flavour of The Redcroft Journals would you please.
Redcroft is an ordinary village, or so you would think! – I don’t want to reveal too much- but there are super human abilities, angels, demons and time travel that all gravitate towards Redcroft and it’s occupants. There are just some things in life that can’t be explained… don’t you agree detective?  Not wrong there!

Tell us more about the next instalment.
The Redcroft Journals- Volume Three- The Lion Scrolls will find the protagonists Zak, Natalie and Adam (and the help of their trusted friend Riley) use their supernatural abilities to ensure the safety of the present by venturing to the past. Let’s just say gladiatorial style!

Thinking about the main protagonists in your series, what characteristics were most important for you to portray?
I have a few protagonists, they take it turns to take the lead. However, I started the series with teenager Zak (disclosure alert… named after my collie dog) he’s the kind of lad I would have wanted as my friend at that age, honest, steadfast and a bit quirky.

Describe what sets you apart from other authors of this popular genre.
That’s a tough question detective, maybe my extensive knowledge of how teenagers (my protagonist’s age) think and feel in the modern day (I was a teenager some time ago and a lot has changed) working closely in performing arts with this age group has blessed me with a sympathy… no… empathy towards them… and quite a lot on insight!

Imagine The Redcroft Journals as a film or TV adaptation – who would you like to see playing the main roles?
Okay here goes: Zak, Natalie and Adam (I’m taking auditions *laughs) but in Volume Two- The Raven Stones I imagined Idris Elba as Oreb (the angel) and I reckon Jamie Dornan would make an excellent Dr. Riley Robins the Irish archaeologist.

Right, I need a little more detail about what makes you tick. Tell us about your previous working life.
I was and still am (sometimes) a College and University lecturer in Performing and Production Arts. I have had a variety of jobs over the years but when I was a *younger woman in my late teens early twenties I was a fire-fighter (part time then full time) it was tough back then as I was one of the first women to do it, I’m glad to see female fire-fighters are more common place now.

That’s an interesting and varied background. Did the Performing and Production Arts help you to become an author?
Sort of, I took the plunge, I was lecturing in drama and was discussing with the students some different methods to utilise when building a back story for a character… It suddenly struck me that in our working life- a lot of the time we are ‘acting’ our job, I was acting the lecturer at that point and when I got home I acted the cook, cleaner, laundrette manager etc. So what if I acted at being the author, rather than teach it, do it. So I reduced my hours at work and started working on my own performance… as I already had the back story.

And do you have any unusual routines or rituals to help you ‘perform’ when writing?
I have to tidy the room I am writing in first (sometimes I move around the house rather than stay at my desk) I can’t stand a messy desk or room when I’m working. So suffice to say I don’t often write in the kitchen that’s far too distracting/messy.

Tell us how you cope with writer’s block.
Retail therapy is a good start… (any excuse). If I get persistent writers block I binge watch Netflix- that usually does the trick.

Anything in particular?
Anything light hearted- I can’t watch scary things, I have to hide behind a cushion. Although I do love crime drama’s- I watched Vera back to back recently.  

Finally, describe your 2016 author highlight and your hopes for 2017. This interview… oh come on detective, that’s a good answer! I plan to publish at least two more novels next year (2017) the highlight will be when someone reads it and tells me they love it (that was this year’s highlights too).

Well, you have excellent reviews, so I’m sure you will have lots of highlights to come! Thank you for your time, K.Y. It has been a pleasure to grill you. Tell us where we can find your books and how we can find out more about you.

 That’s easy… here are the links to my web site

FaceBook- K.Y.Eden Author
twitter @redcroftjournal and Instagram- the.redcroft.journals

eBooks published by pronoun:
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