A brutal crime. A sophisticated killer. A detective on the brink of a paranormal awakening.

Fans of Tess Gerritsen, Mark Billingham and Mo Hayder will love this gripping mystery from new UK crime author James D Mortain.

A detective hunts a missing student, but what he discovers in a small coastal community exposes him to a ‘paranormal awakening’ and the perilous clutches a sophisticated killer.

“Outstanding, gripping and believable” Amazon customer review

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The wait is almost over for Detective Andrew Deans; years of agony and despair hanging on the results of his wife’s fertility treatment. But a student is missing. And he must find her. Compelled to leave his wife in Bath, Deans heads to North Devon, where he encounters Denise Moon, a medium, who exposes him to a psychic dimension he could never have imagined existed, in what soon becomes a murder hunt. Gripped by inexplicable phenomena attributed to his own ‘paranormal awakening’ and alienated from all but his new mystical muse, Deans is closing in on a sophisticated killer, but all is not as it seems, and Deans’ future is about to change. More info →
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