Here is the first look at the draft blurb for the second book in The Detective Deans Mysteries, DEAD BY DESIGN.


James D Mortain

Your eyes tell you what you want them to believe…

A young couple in the prime of life are found dead in their bed. As they lie naked and entwined, those around him assume suicide, but Detective Andy Deans fears darker forces at work.

Deans has a gift that few understand and fewer accept. But he is living a nightmare and all eyes are watching, judging… expecting him to break. As he waits to hear the news he dreads most, Deans receives a mysterious package and the death toll rises.

Playing by the rules is getting him nowhere, now it’s time to do things his way… but death and tragedy haven’t finished with him, yet…

Fans of Rachel Abbott, Caroline Mitchell and Peter James will be gripped by this outstanding new British crime series.

DEAD BY DESIGN is the jaw-dropping sequel to Amazon bestseller,



Tiverton Literary Festival 2017


Deano’s Grill – Award Winning Thriller Writer Alan Reynolds


  1. Gillian Tregunna

    I can’t wait for the new book to be released,the little snippet made me want more

  2. Sue Arber

    Can’t wait for issue date!!

  3. Suzanne Lilley

    Love it. The suspense is killing me!!!

  4. Barry Culverhouse

    Roll on publication, PLEASE. My appetite has been whetted by “Storm Log”

  5. Margaret Woodey

    Oh what? This looks amazing and if it’s half as good as the last book it will be terrific, I can’t wait!

  6. Jan Bebbington

    OK. That’s unkind. Get writing! 🤣

  7. Gail Baguley

    Brilliant,can’t wait to read your next book

  8. Ruby Mansell

    Aghhh!! I want this so much! I can’t wait to read the whole thing…..

  9. Jane

    Ooh I so can’t wait to read this beauty! The first book was brilliant and I’ve been chomping at the bit for the next thrilling instalment…

  10. Steve Lawton

    Excited & on edge just reading the “blurb”, can’t wait for the book!!

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